Book Review: Hex in High Heels by Linda Wisdom

Hex in High Heels by Linda Wisdom was a fabulous escape from reality for me and it came at just the right time. I really needed a book that would take me away, make me laugh and was just pure enjoyment. It helps that I love reading books to do with witches, wizards, shape-shifters, and just plain old magic. Hex in High Heels is the fourth installment in this series and I really need to go back and read the others but this book completely stands on it’s own. I wasn’t confused or wondering at all what might have gone on before. This was a fantastic romp through the witchy world of Blair and her friends!

Blair is a full fledged witch who has been around for hundreds of years; many of those living in the human world since she and her class full of mates were banished from the Witches’ Academy. She owns a vintage shop in the town of Moonstone Lake and lives with her best witchy friend Stasi and specializes in revenge spells (which I think could be quite fun). There’s a handsome carpenter in town, Jake Harrison, and Blair is crazy about him. He’s a shape-shifter though, a cute Border Collie to be exact. He’s pretty much the black sheep in his pack being a Border Collie instead of wolf which is exactly why he left and made himself a new life in Moonstone Lake.

Things are finally looking good for Blair where Jake is concerned. He’s been pretty stand-offish but he simply can’t resist Blair and things are really heating up with the two of them. Then a woman shows up in Blair’s shop looking to buy a revenge spell to use on her son. Unknown to Blair at the time, this turns out to be Jake’s mother looking for a spell to use on him. Then a real shocker – Jake’s ex-pack shows up buying up some property and looking to buy out Blair and Staci’s land as well so they can split their pack. Really though, they can’t stay there-Jake left to get away from them, not to mention a little known secret that Jake may have been promised away to someone else in his ex-pack long ago which throws Blair squarely on her fanny in shock.

What evolves after this in the story is quite funny. There’s something for everyone with vampires, gargoyles, witches, wizards, fae’s, elves and even a cute little pair of bunny slippers named Fluff and Puff who end up attaching themselves to Blair’s ankle as a tattoo. Then there were the elves that came to town to help with the carnival who were a hoot and a half with their bad manners and smelly selves. This book had so many laugh out loud moments for me!

My favorite character by far was Blair. She’s feisty, funny and out for a good cause helping people with her revenge spells. She’s very outspoken and full of sass and doesn’t take no crap from anyone and I pity the person who tries to shovel some her way as she’s likely to throw some kind of curse at them. She was definitely my kind of girl – lol! Another favorite of mine was the gargoyle Horace because he was always showing up at the wrong time and always has something to say about whatever is going on, not to mention he’s always up for causing a little trouble of his own if asked.

Hex in High Heels is a fun read. Be forewarned though there are some pretty hot and heavy hanky panky scenes so if that’s not your thing you may not enjoy the book. They don’t overwhelm the novel but they are there. This is a book full of magical elements that I just love so I will be anxiously awaiting the next installment in this series while trying to catch up on the first three.

Many thanks to Danielle at Sourcebooks for my copy of Hex in High Heels. Hex in High Heels can be purchased here in the US and here in Canada. Be sure to check out Linda Wisdom’s fabulous witchy website as well! Be sure to stop by and join me tomorrow as I welcome Linda Wisdom to Peeking Between the Pages with a guest post.


  1. Blodeuedd says

    It looks like a fun read too, I would pick it cos of that :) Lol I am a terrible cover lover but sometimes it pays off

  2. Kaye says

    "Hot and heavy hanky panky scenes"? I love the way you phrase it. Might be too much for an old lady like me! Ha Ha. Sounds like a fun one.

    Have a great week, Dar and happy reading.

  3. Ms. Lucy says

    this kind of fiction sounds like so much fun to read- Thanks for the perfect review! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too!

  4. bermudaonion says

    This sounds like a fun read – I know exactly what you mean about needing a book like this at certain times. I hope your dad and Buddy are doing well.

  5. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow says

    This actually sounds marvelous!

    BTW, are you into the new series "Eastwick"?

    It is definitely reminiscent of the movie with Jack Nicholson.

  6. Wrighty says

    I can't wait to read this one! So glad to hear you liked it. The magic and the humor are a great combination (like Casting Spells?) and always appeal to me. Great review!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Linda Jacobs says

    Fun! I'll look for this at the library. It sounds like the kind of book to lighten up my heavy heart after closing camp for the winter. It's a sad day! LOL

  8. Literary Feline says

    This does sound like fun! I love reading books like this now and then. It's a nice break from the more serious reading I do.

  9. Alice Teh says

    You're most certainly right about this, Dar. This kind of light books are fun to read especially when the situation around us are not that great.

    Happy reading!

  10. Jenny Girl says

    I just heard about these books last week and want to read them. glad they will live up to my expectations. Thanks Darlene!

  11. Zibilee says

    This book sounds like a lot of fun, and not like anything I have read before. I really liked your review, and will be looking forward to reading the book. Thanks!

  12. Serena says

    I just loved the escape of this novel. It was such a fun read and unusual for me to step away from vamps into the witchy world. I liked it.

    And the cover is cute too.


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