Book Review: I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell

Judi Fennell has done it again! She has created yet another phenomenal fantasy world in I Dream of Genies in which you have to leave all beliefs behind and just enjoy the ride! This cute romance/fantasy is chock full of perfectly quirky characters and plenty of action that leaves never a dull moment.

Eden is a genie who has been trapped in her bottle for over seventeen hundred years, of which the last forty-five have been spent in a storefront window of an antique shop. To top it off it’s still not the end of her sentence – there’s still more than twelve hundred years to go. That’s what you get for not treating a master properly and she’s not sorry either- although she never meant to murder him. There were certain rules to follow in The Service and Eden didn’t but sometimes a girls got to do what a girls got to do.

Eden spends her days looking longingly out the storefront window wishing she was free. One day the owner comes in and starts tossing things around including Eden’s bottle. As the so called trash is being thrown out Eden’s bottle hits the ground and out she comes and falls into the lap of none other than Matt Ewing while dressed in her genie glory; the man she has been mooning over for ages. Geez, he can’t just leave her there, can he? He doesn’t need these hassles in his life but boy oh boy is she hot or what but man what’s with that outfit?

Matt takes Eden to his place and his life is never the same. Eden’s magic has gone a little wonky and things are appearing all over the place. Matt can’t believe it but he has no choice; there’s just too many things happening not to believe that Eden is truly a genie. Being the gentleman that he is he tries to help her, first by getting her bracelets off. From there the non-stop journey begins as Eden and Matt have to try and find her bottle stopper and make sure to stay out of the clutches of the evil Faruq.

Along with the very funny Eden and Matt, there are a few other fantastic characters – a talking cat named Obo and a little dragonlet named Humphrey who was just adorable and had his own little crush on Matt. Add these quirky characters with the hilarious way Judi has of telling a story and you find yourself knee deep in a tale that has you laughing one minute and blushing the next as you find yourself on the more steamy side of things as there is some serious hanky panky between these two.

Judi Fennell’s imagination never ceases to amaze me. I first started reading her books with her Mer series: In Over Her Head, Wild Blue Under and Catch of a Lifetime. I really enjoyed them so I was excited to read I Dream of Genies and as usual she didn’t disappoint me. This is the first in a trilogy and I think it may end up being my favorite yet. I’ve always loved the world of genies since being a kid and watching I Dream of Jeannie. If you want a book you can truly escape into, then this is it. This newest adventure of Judi Fennell’s will have you turning the pages quickly to see what comes next!

You can pick up your very own copy of I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell here in the US and here in Canada. Be sure to pop in and check out Judi Fennell’s website!

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My copy of I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell was received for review from Sourcebooks.


  1. Zibilee says

    Oh this does sound like it's a lot of fun and something that I would really like! I like light spirited writing and look forward to trying this one out for myself!

  2. samantha.1020 says

    I've heard of this author before but haven't read anything by her yet. This really does sound like a book that I would enjoy…I'll have to pick it up from the library the next time that I'm there. Great review Dar!

  3. Becky says

    Thanks for the review Dar! I have looked at this on other sites and wondered about it. As I've read more reviews, it seems like most people really did like it. I might have to give it a try! :)

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