Guest Post with Susan Schneider, author of The Wedding Writer & Giveaway

July 12th, 2011

Hey everyone, I hope you’ll help me to welcome Susan Schneider, author of The Wedding Writer, to Peeking Between the Pages today. I reviewed Susan’s novel yesterday (my review) and I really enjoyed it! It’s chick lit with a bit more and I breezed through it in a day and a half so that tells how much I liked it. Today, Susan is here to talk about The Wedding Writer: The Sequel…

Yes, I’m being brave (gulp): I am writing a sequel, as yet title-less, to my first novel, “The Wedding Writer.” Why is this scary? Well, because I’m banking on the first novel not bombing. If “The Wedding Writer” does bomb, why would anyone want to read a sequel? This is a sticky problem. But I felt like writing a sequel and my editor gave me the go-ahead. It made sense somehow because I’m still caught up in the world of weddings and the women who toil in its tulle-lined corridors. Maybe it’s because I worked in the bridal industry for so long—a good ten years—and I can’t quite shake it.

In the untitled sequel I’m coming at bridal from a different angle; instead of magazines and fashion, I’m going to wrap my characters up in the world of fine paper: invitations, save-the-dates, thank you notes and so on. Why this angle? At bridal market in New York last year, I chatted with a woman from Peoria, Illinois (hello, Rachel Kress!) who just happens to be launching her own bridal boutique ( on this August 27. Rachel will offer Midwestern women not only fashion but fine paper products, too. I’d been thinking about the world of beautiful paper products and how many women have entered the field, whether working from home or in chic urban ateliers. After meeting Rachel, who so fervently believes in the power of beautiful things in women’s lives, I knew where to go next. Et, voila—The Sequel.

So now I’ve barreled about 100 pages into The Sequel. I’ve brought some of the characters from The Wedding Writer along for the ride. And it’s a bumpy one, I promise you, as it always is for young women on their own, with lots of ambition and a driving need for a paycheck. Hint: Lucky, my main character from “The Wedding Writer,” who is one tough cookie, melts a little. Meltdown? I won’t give it away. Her sweet subordinate, Vicki St Marie, must stop being so…sweet, if she’s to save the day. And single mom Morgan must find a way to survive and thrive and raise her daughter in the non-child-friendly city of Manhattan. A lovely wedding planner I know, who has his own TV show, is the inspiration for my brand-new character, Harve Fierro, who comes straight out of Brooklyn to rock the wedding world big-time.

Tune in! And wish us luck—me and Lucky, Harve and Vicki, and Morgan too. We’re all in it for the long haul—and I’m glad.

Thanks for the great guest post Susan! I will most definitely be first in line to read a sequel to The Wedding Writer and I can’t wait to see what everyone will be up to next!

About the Book (from

Four talented women, one glossy wedding magazine: life should be as perfect as a bridal catwalk… right?

Lucky Quinn writes up weddings for one of the hottest bridal magazines. And it wasn’t easy to get there. From humble beginnings, she outsmarted her way into the center of New York’s glamorous magazine industry – making up for her background with a sharp mind, whip-thin physique, and ceaseless ambition.

Then, in one day, her life is utterly transformed; two of the magazine’s major competitors fold, and Lucky is named Editor-in-Chief, replacing the formidable, but aging Grace Ralston, who had been at the magazine’s helm from day one. Grace taught Lucky everything she knows, but now it seems that she taught her too well…

As the ripples of Lucky’s promotion spread, the intricate lives of four women begin to unfold. Felice, Your Wedding’s elegant and unshakeable Art Director is now being shaken for the first time by troubles at home. Sara, the Fashion Director, is famed for her eagle eye for fashion trends and exquisite hair. But, for all her know-how, “the Angel of Bridal” has never come close to starring in a wedding herself – she’s picked the dress, but where’s the groom? Grace, recovering in the wake of her sudden, humiliating fall from power, must learn to accept herself – and love – after a life dedicated to fulfilling other women’s dreams. And, through it all, Lucky begins to discover just how lonely the top really is.

Read an excerpt
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About the Author (from Susan’s website)

Susan Schneider has over 10 years of experience as a bridal magazine editor; formerly she was executive editor at Bridal Guide Magazine, a national consumer magazine for engaged women, and she was also executive editor at Conde Nast’s Modern Bride and at Elegant Bride. She covers everything wedding, from fashion to flowers to food to stationery, etiquette, registry and honeymoons. She especially enjoys writing true-life wedding stories. Her first novel, The Wedding Writer, draws on her expertise as a wedding writer and from her day-to-day contribution to the business of bridal.

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    Wow, I never thought of it that way. I guess writing a sequel so quickly is rather brave. Great guest post! No need to enter me.

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    Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win this.

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    Not only would I read the sequel, but reading about it makes me want to read the first in the series as well. These sounds like really fun books, and I think they are going on my list. Please do enter me in your giveaway, Dar. This book (and the upcoming sequel) sound great!


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    Sounds like a great read – as does the sequel that you're writing!

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Thanks,Darlene, for the wonderful review and all your support! Readers like you are worth their weight in rubies.
    Onward to The Sequel!
    Best, Susan

  17. Susan Schneider says:

    Darlene, I didn't mean to be Anonymous. I want you to know you're doing a great job!

  18. Na says:

    It seems Lucky is about to discover that sometimes being on top isn't where she wants to be. Sounds like a fun journey of self-discovery.

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    Ever since I planned my wedding I wanted to go into the wedding business so this book sounds right up my alley!

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    Good luck with the sequel! Doesn't sound like the first book will bomb. ;o)

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  29. Susan says:

    I am a sucker for a beautiful cover …. and this is one beautiful cover. I can't wait to read this one, and the sequel. Sounds like a great story.

    P.S. It is kind of weird seeing this author's name all over since it is so close to mine. And I know I did NOT write a book. :^)

    Thanks for the chance to win this book.

    Susan Schleicher

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