2013 Challenges

February 7th, 2013

One Comments to “2013 Challenges”

  1. wilson says:


    23:58 sat 08 june 2013 as it reads on my phone, a minute and some
    seconds until the day of today is gone, for good, for better or worse,
    but with the aid of loss of words, I delightly note as you notice the
    love of today will remain as all things of today fade – wait, 00:00
    sun june 2013, new day, my heart beats, not just for my blood \, but
    for her still, I steal time from the clock and pictures from my eyes
    just to mentally visualise her beautiful eyes and smile, and how that
    distracts me from not thinking bout just diving into her thighs, in
    our times, this ,is love … ? really, barely, I rarely express and
    rather suppress the feeling that is spoken of as if its a heaven , but
    truth is God is love, but, with human minds, more specifically in
    these times, our lives are more concerned with understanding and
    cherishing the kind of love we ourselves not know , consistently seek
    for it – strongly, find it but fall weak for it, or ignore it, and
    fall short of it, and the search continues, we fear what our hearts
    treasures most , and ourselves believe we need most..’fear is of the
    devil’.. God is love .. hmm, you can get that, so why is it I feel for
    her like I feel for her, is it her beauty – in which may only lie in
    my eyes, or is it a feeling she’s feeling and we both give in, to what
    fits in, description as love, is it her smile that curves down to the
    path of her face which leads to a sacred place in which her heart
    shows when I look at her face, is it her tender way of speech and how
    she thinks and how she assosciates with everything in her prescence in
    such a way that there is no way but for me to see what love is through
    her eyes in that phase without actually being her face, is it that its
    felt by touch, speech, sight, thoughts, or something unfamiliar which
    leads to this familiar fate , if so, one falls in love.. one falls for
    her, how is loving her – and so help me understand – how is falling
    for her, the same ? , is it a thing in which only a Being can see and
    recognise with, or , love does not require one to recognise its wits,
    or maybe its wits is simply legit and not standardized by humans
    through the way we think, and so makes us fail to understand its
    complex simplicity, so really who is stupid ? what is stupid love ?
    are we that stupid enough, or is stupid enough a standard for us to
    understand love that we refer to this kind of love as stupid love ?
    and, if we both had halves of an apple and joined them together, we
    would create i, not that of Steve Jobs.. but we would be one, hence,
    the apple of my I (eye) , love is like.. so much to me unlike so much
    it is to you, but however find it compatible enough between the both
    of us to let it be the concept of our union and let it seem equal, and
    so still, your expectations of it still differs and so slowly
    dissappointments appear but for the sake of love we defer the decision
    to let it go away in hopes that the dissappointments will dissappear
    ,they say the hardest part of loving is hurting, but really the
    hardest part of loving is … loving, how would I give my heart to you
    and trust you enough to care for it when I cant care that much for it
    – for sure, whether love is the ocean – or shore, we all seem to fall
    short, we downgrade it to a form of a game like, tug-of-war, are we
    fighting ourselves or are we fighting love, are we fighting in love or
    are we fighting ourselves for the sake of love ? however, you lose the
    war against love you have won love, you win the war against love you
    have lost – her, not love, since love never really dies, it just stays
    inside, faithful enough that you will open up and find courage to
    uncage it and so it roams in her, this is love, for sure, I feel, for

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