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Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you’re all having a good weekend – what have you all been up to?  Not to much happening here other than the usual boring stuff.  I can’t seem to completely shake off this flu this winter so I haven’t been feeling all that well again.  Spring sure can’t come soon enough for me.  At least the weather has been warmer although it’s supposed to cool off for a few days again but with March around the corner it doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

As for reading this week I’ll have a review up of The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin tomorrow.  Wow, what a fantastic book – it’s my favorite of hers so far and it’ll be a favorite this year.  I’ll also have a review of Ruta Sepetys newest Out of the Easy up at the end of the week.  It’s very different from her first book but also very good.  I’ve been so lucky lately with all of the books I’ve been reading. Of course I don’t generally pick anything that I don’t think I’ll like so I guess that helps.  LOL.  Speaking of books – look at what I got this week…



Oh yeah, Beth Hoffman’s newest novel releasing May 28 called Looking For Me!  I am so excited to read this one.  Of course my review won’t be posting until close to the release date but I did tell Beth that her book may be the earliest ever that I’ve had a review ready to go because I just don’t think I can wait until May to read it.  Anyhow, isn’t it pretty how she wrapped it up in pink paper with a bow – I love it!

So what has the Sammy Bear been up to this week?  Not much really.  He was really pretty lazy all week as you’ll see in the pictures and video I have for you this week.  He has to go to the vet on Tuesday for his check up and to see what we’re going to do about his shots since he got sick last year.  I’m leaning towards leaving him at the vet’s for most of the day and just maybe they’ll let me stay with him if I beg enough.  Enjoy…


 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh – one of my most favorite places to sleep – in the sun!


 More sun!  I love to sit here.  My most favorite thing to do is sit right here in front of this door and bark at absolutely everything and everybody I see especially those other dogs who dare to use my sidewalk and walk in front of my house!



Another favorite place to sleep.  Mommy simply can’t understand how I can be comfortable with my head up on this hard table but I am.  I love it under here!  It’s also a great table to hide under when mention of baths or brushing happens to hit my ears…


Last but not least is this video of Sam I took.  It’s about a minute long so not too bad.  I wish I had turned the volume down on the tv though as he was making some cute noises but I couldn’t really make them out over the tv.  This is what he does when he wants my attention or to go outside – he’s just too cute!



Well that’s it for this week.  I hope you all have a good day and a great week!  Happy reading!


  1. says

    Glad you liked the Aviator’s Wife. I haven’t read any of her other books, but hope to. I just funished another good book about men and women and relationships – The Comfort of Lies. I think you might like this one too.

    Hope that the sunshine chases away the bugs and the flu. Happy Sunday!

  2. says

    Happy Sunday. Terrific photos of Sammy. He’s such a cutie. I hope you feel better soon. Spring can’t come early enough for me either.

    For some reason this post hasn’t shown up in my Google Reader yet. Others that were posted after yours are there, but not this one. Hmmmm…Weird.

  3. Beth Hoffman says

    Could Sammy be any cuter? NO! Love it when he rubs his muzzle with his paws.

    I’m so glad my new novel finally arrived in your mailbox. Lately the mail from the US to Canada is just sooooo slow and I was worried it might have gotten lost.

    Happy Sunday, Dar!

  4. says

    Sammy is just so cute, Dar…I love how he looks at the camera with one eye as if to make sure you’re taking his picture. I also liked his colorful collection of socks on the floor (in the video). Will you remind me please what breed or mix is Sammy?

    It seems this year’s flu and cold bugs like to stick around just enough to be annoying. I know several people who are having the same problems as you. I hope you feel better soon. March is coming!

    Beth sent you such a beautiful package of her new book, how sweet. Isn’t it great to have a book you’re so excited about to read? Enjoy it. I don’t know anything about the Aviator’s Wife and am looking forward to your review.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Dar!

  5. says

    It would be hard to say no to Sam for anything, LOL. What a cutie. I can’t wait to read Looking for Me!

    Thought you’d want to know your post came through my reader at 1:52 am so I hope that means your issues are resolved.

  6. says

    That is what we like to call “cuting”…what animals do when they want a treat, to go outside, or a head scratch. He is so freaking adorable.

  7. Staci@LifeintheThumb says

    Hahaha! He is too cute that is for sure!!! I don’t know how much longer I can hold off reading Beth’s book either!!! We got about 7 inches of snow Saturday and temps were below zero. I’m over winter….come on spring!!!

    Have a great week!

  8. says

    Oh puppies in the sun! cute!

    Sorry you’re still under the weather. Maybe you should lay in the sun with Sam. It might make you feel better.
    Enjoy the Hoffman book and have a wonderful week :)

  9. says

    Hi Dar, I’ve heard such great things about The Aviator’s Wife. How nice of Beth Hoffman! Enjoy the book :)
    Poor Sammy, I hope he’s ok with the shots. Diego got very sick last time too, so I’ve been very hesitant with that. He couldn’t move and was yelping in pain at the slightest touch, I was freaking out. It lasted about 12 hours, my poor baby :(
    Sammy sure is a ham! Enjoy your day, and feel better.

  10. says

    So many of my friends seem to be sick now- hope you can shake it before much longer. Sam is adorable, as always, and what a lovely pink package… I’m sure the contents are just as wonderful!

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