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Happy Easter everyone!  What is everybody up to this Easter weekend?  I hope you’re spending it with family and friends.  Ours has been quiet but nice.  As most of you know my dad was quite ill again and was in the hospital for over a week.  He is home now and doing better so this Easter I am very grateful to have my dad home and doing well as we came quite close to losing him.  Dinner tonight will be a nice roast chicken with potatoes, polenta, and vegetables.  I’m looking forward to that and so is Sam.  My Sammy is a chicken fiend!  As soon as he starts smelling it roasting in the oven he is pacing the kitchen.  It’s pretty funny until it’s out of the oven and he starts howling for it instead.

On the book scene I’m finishing up And Then I Found You by Patti Callahan Henry for review tomorrow and I’ve really enjoyed the book.  I’ve got a couple more reviews to go up this week – Through a Dusty Window: New York City Stories 1910-2001 by Delancey Stewart and Oleanna by Julie K. Rose and a few book spotlights with giveaways so I hope you’ll pop in for all of that.  I’m trying to get back into reading blogs once again so you’ll probably see me around this week.

What a difference a week makes in terms of weather.  Poor little Sammy couldn’t even make it through all the snow we got.  I had to clean his paths in the back yard four times just so he could go out.  It was horrible and it’s not often we close down roads but it was so bad we even did that.  Here’s a few pics of our huge snow storm (sorry they are dark but it was really gloomy with all that snow)…



My uncle was helping out with all our snow thank God!


Our backyard.  You can enlarge the picture and kind of make out the paths I did for Sammy.


And here we are a week later and the front is really melting and the road is once again clear.


And then there is my cute little boy.  I have a few pictures of him for you this week.  He had his hair cut last week so you can see his little eye balls much better and he’s much happier being cooler.  Enjoy…



I just got home from my haircut.  They all keep oohing and aaahing at me trying to make me think it’s ok to be put through all of that but I know better.


Mommy I’m really tired after my haircut.  Can’t you just leave me alone and let me sleep already?  Yes, I know I’m cute.  Now let me sleep!


Happy Easter everyone!  See ya next week!


That’s it for this week folks.  I hope you all have a great week!



  1. says

    So happy your dad is home for Easter! And I love the Sam pictures…he is so handsome. I know my parents got hit hard with that snow storm (not sure if it was the same one) but they got over a foot.

  2. says

    Wow, I’m glad your uncle was able to help with the shoveling! And glad to see it’s melting now. Hurry, Spring!!
    Sammy looks so handsome with his new cut. Enjoy your dinner – sounds so good.
    Happy Easter!

  3. Kaye says

    I can just picture Sam howling in front of the oven. Too funny! Glad you’re finally getting rid of all that snow. Happy Easter, dear Dar! {{{hugs}}}

  4. says

    Sorry to hear about your dad. I’m glad he’s home and hope he continues to improve.

    Wow, that’s a lot of snow! I’m glad it’s melting so Sammy can get outside better.

    Happy Easter to you and your family, Dar!

  5. says

    I am so glad to hear your dad is doing better! Your chicken dinner sounds delish! That Sammy gets cuter every week! Happy Easter to you and your family! I hope spring comes soon for you!

  6. Beth Hoffman says

    Wonderful news about your dad. I know what a scary time it was and am so glad that he’s doing well and spending Easter with you and Sammy.

    My kitties go crazy for chicken like Sammy does; it’s so funny.

    Love the pics. My gosh, you sure had a ton of snow. And Sammy’s new haircut is adorable.

    Happy Easter, Dar!

  7. says

    He really is adorable!! Love your commentary.

    We had an awful, and I do mean awful ;), lot of snow this winter but it is finally melting a bit. Still, drifts of snow blanket yards and open fields but at least the streets are clear, more or less.

    Happy Easter!

  8. says

    Glad that your dad is home and doing better! Hopefully, the snow is over and you will see some sunshine soon! Sammy looks so cute with his haircut, he looks younger!

  9. says

    I’m so glad that your dad is home and feeling better at least. That must have been a great relief. Looks like you’ve had a crazy winter! Have a great rest of your Sunday.

  10. carla says

    I’m glad to hear your dad is home, so sorry he had to go to the hospital again. Your Easter dinner sounded very special.
    Sammy looks as handsome as ever! He is so adorable and I know he was a big comfort to you.
    That was a tremendous amount of snow! Glad it is disappearing for you.
    Have a good week Darlene!

  11. says

    Glad your Dad is finally home and with family. That’s the best medicine!

    Sorry about all that snow! I don’t know how you guys do it. And as always, please give Sammy some pets from me and ruff-ruff from Kona!

  12. Staci@LifeintheThumb says

    I’m so glad that the snow is finally going away!!! Sammy is too stinkin’ funny about the chicken!!!!

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