Sammy Checking in On a Monday

September 2nd, 2013

Mountain View

Happy Monday to all!  I think it’s a holiday in the US as well as Canada so I hope everyone is enjoying a day off.   The above picture was taken in British Columbia by my dad.  What I wouldn’t give to be in my car heading towards those mountains right now!  Well I managed to screw up my calendar and what I thought I was supposed to post today is actually posting next week so I thought instead I’d post some pictures of Sam since I haven’t in ages.  Things here have been hectic with dad having more heart surgery and then not feeling the best and I’m having some health issues of my own.  Yet I can always count on Sam to cheer me up.  Enjoy…


Sam's 3rd Bday

Sammy on his 3rd Birthday!


A rabbit just relaxing right out our front door on the lawn.  Thankfully it’s still brown so winter isn’t around the corner yet. 

Sam watching rabbit

After barking at above rabbit at the top of his lungs Sam retreated to the couch to continue barking at rabbit who couldn’t care less.


Since things have been stressful I’ve had my knitting needles out.  I just finished a hat and now I’m trying my hand at mittens.

Sam sockie

Ok mommy, enough pictures!  It’s time to play sockie again!


I’m going to try really hard to visit all my blogging buddies this week! I miss all of you. Hope everyone has a good week!


16 Comments to “Sammy Checking in On a Monday”

  1. Tea Norman says:

    That’s a fat rabbit. He’s very cute. Sammy is cute too. I’ll bet he just loves playing Sockie.

  2. Sandy says:

    That rabbit better watch itself! I wonder what Sammy would do if he got out? Love the pictures, and appreciate that little diversion this Monday morning. Happy day off, and I’m still praying that all goes well with your dad :)

  3. I hope you and your dad both feel better soon. Love the photos of Sammy and the rabbit!

  4. Nise' says:

    It is good to see Sammy again! Wow, that is one large rabbit. Would Sammy chase it or just bark at it? Sorry you are having health issues, and hope you are feeling better quickly.

  5. Melanie Backus says:

    Sam is adorable and his watchful eye on that rabbit is the best! Your hand work is beautiful! Hope the stress leaves you with every stitch. Good health is so important and I hope that you and your dad are back to feeling good again very soon.

  6. Lisa says:

    Hope you and your dad get to feeling better! Love the hat and, of course, getting to see Sammy!

  7. Hi Sammy and Day — relax and feel better.

  8. Beth Hoffman says:

    Happy Monday, Dar! Sammy is as cute as ever; the pic of him with his “sockie” is priceless! LOL And that little rabbit is adorable. I envy those of you who can knit; your hat is so pretty. I sure hope both you and your dad feel better soon!

  9. bookworm says:

    Hi Dar. Sending hugs your way. I hope you and and your are feeling better.
    What great photos! Sammy is too cute! And the knitted hat is beautiful, love the color. Happy Monday.

  10. Gina D says:

    Hope you and your dad feel better. Sam is cute :) Glad he is there to cheer you up.

  11. blodeuedd says:

    Happy Birthday to him :)

  12. Looking at that pic of the Rockies makes me think of the beautiful mountains we visited and climbed in Switzerland.

    Sammy is just adorable! Makes me want to get a dog.

  13. carla says:

    Hope both you and your dad are feeling better this week. Always love to see Sammy of course! Hope he enjoyed his third bday, time sure goes by fast with our little four legged friends.

  14. Knitting really is a good stress reliever and the hat turned out great. Hope you and your dad are both feeling better this week!

  15. jennygirl says:

    Hello fellow knitter! Sorry I haven’t been by lately. Your hat looks cute and super warm. Are you making matching mittens? None of my things match.
    Hope you and your dad feel better soon. Don’t let these issues get you down.
    Pleas give Sammy lots of pets from me and Kona on his 3rd birthday :)

  16. Samantha says:

    Yay! I was just wondering how Sammy was doing and then I find this post :) Sorry to hear that you are having health issues. I will make sure to put both you and your Dad in my prayers! Sammy is just so darn cute that I can’t help but smile. Hope all is well!

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