Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes (Audiobook)


Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes is a very well done psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. I listened to the audio version that is narrated by David Thorpe and Karen Cass who do an awesome job. This is a suspenseful story and their narration definitely added to my heart beating awfully fast more than once.

When Catherine meets Lee she has no idea just how much he will change her life. Lee seems to be the perfect guy at first. He’s gorgeous, he flatters her all the time, and their time together seems perfect. Unfortunately Catherine finds out soon enough that her dream guy is about as far from perfect as you can get. Lee has a different side to him. One that is possessive and violent and it’s now directed at Catherine. As things get worse she tries turning to her friends who think she’s overreacting… until the day everything changes and she knows that only she can be the one to save her life.

For Catherine her relationship with Lee changed who she was and how she lived her life completely. She now lives with severe OCD and her daily life is a struggle. She’s scared of everything and everybody. In her heart she knows that nothing will ever be better for her until a new neighbor moves in and offers her some hope. He’s handsome and kind and is determined to break through Catherine’s shell. Can she even begin to hope for a new beginning? Not likely…

Into the Darkest Corner was a great audiobook and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to those who like books that put a tinge of fear into their reading or listening.


Source:  My own personal copy.


  1. says

    I really like psychological thrillers and this sounds like a good one. I haven’t listened to one on audio yet but I want to…I have a feeling it’ll be scarier than reading this type of thriller.

    Great review, Dar, thank you!

  2. techeditor says

    I read this, too. Here’s what I thought.

    INTO THE DARKEST CORNER is quite a page turner, just as all the reviews promise. Don’t be put off at first when the book has short chapters on various years, and you think the book is a hassle and too difficult to keep track of. Because that won’t last for long.

    Before springtime 2003, Catherine drank too much, went to too many pubs, picked up too many men, and had too much sex with strangers. Then she meets Lee.

    Then we see the progression of her relationship with Lee. You may get sick of all the drinking and sex, but these chapters are intense, and you won’t want to stop reading.

    The book had some problems.

    When a book contains sex scenes in every other chapter, that’s usually a sign of poor writing. A novel isn’t good if it resorts to lots of sex for lack of a good story.

    But in the case of INTO THE DARKEST CORNER, Catherine’s partying, drinking, and having lots of sex in 2003 to 2004 is a contrast to the Catherine in 2007 to 2008. Her behavior then emphasizes her behavior later.

    But it’s also a sign of poor writing when the main character refuses to tell people important things. And that’s what happens sometimes. Lucky for Haynes that she wrote such a page turner or she wouldn’t get away with that cheap tactic to keep the tension going.

    I won my copy of INTO THE DARKEST CORNER from

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