Sweet Sammy on a Sunday … and some Rambling

Happy Sunday everyone!  It’s been ages since I did a Sunday post but I think I’m going to try to get back into doing them.  I have the very bad habit of doing updates on Facebook but not posting on the blog about Sammy and I know not everyone is on Facebook.  So I thought I’d update everyone on him and me and life…

Sweet Sam – well he wasn’t doing too well so I had him to the vet a week or so ago and we changed up his food and meds.  Now he gets spaghetti and chicken which he loves.  He never has liked rice much so I knew he wouldn’t keep up an appetite on that.  He’s been doing really well on it only being sick once but then yesterday he wasn’t feeling well all day again and wouldn’t eat or drink until finally at supper.  I know there is a period of time that it takes to see if the different food will settle his tummy out so maybe he’s just had a few off days.  I pray over the next few weeks to see more good days than bad like he had yesterday.  Those days really tear at my heart.  The vet said it takes about 3 months for their systems to settle and to see an improvement in the liver so we have till the end of March for that.  If in the next few weeks he isn’t doing better then it’ll be an ultrasound and likely surgery to do a biopsy and I really don’t want to put Sam through that.  Those who have been praying please keep up those prayers!

As for me I’ve finally been able to get into books again although mostly only audiobooks.  If it’s not an audio I let my Kindle read to me.  I don’t know why but my concentration to actually read a book has been horrible.  I’ve been listening to quite a few great audios though which are awesome for taking your mind off the more serious things in life for just a little while.  I just started listening to While Beauty Slept by Elizabeth Blackwell and it is already promising to be a very good book.  I just finished some great Highland Romances by Eliza Knight and those reviews will be up this week so I hope you’ll pop in to check those out.  Oh, wish me luck – I have to have a blood pressure holster test for 24 hrs this week.  My stupid blood pressure has been sky high.  NOT HAPPY about that!

Ok, the moment you’ve all been waiting for … pictures of Sammy … Enjoy!


Sam3Oh boy!  Snow and blowing wind – I love it!

What do you mean you want me to come in.  Can’t you see I’m busy sniffing the wind.

Sam5Shoot I thought I could turn around fast enough that she wouldn’t catch me on that camera thing again.

No Mom.  I do not wish to go ‘in house’ yet!

Sam1Mommy I’m not feeling the best.  Must you snap that phone thingie of yours?

Sam2Really Mommy!!!  I come under here to get away from you and that camera!


So what has everyone been up to this weekend? Reading and relaxing or something more exciting? I hope you all have a great week!



  1. says

    Awww! I’ve been missing your Sammy posts! I love the pink coat. Too cute :) I’m glad to hear that he is doing a little bit better but I will keep on praying. Have a great week Darlene!

  2. says

    Oh poor Sammy and Mommy! Don’t forget to take care of yourself while you’re taking care of your little man. Glad he felt well enough to go play in the snow – I know how much he loves that!

  3. Connie Fischer says

    Huge hugs, prayers and lots of love for Sweet Sammy. I’m sure that with a very careful diet, he will be fine. Crossing my fingers that he doesn’t have to go through any more tests.

    I understand your worry and inability to sit down and concentrate. If, however, an audiobook helps to relax you a bit, by all means, go that route. I wish you were nearby because my library has a great supply of new audiobooks.

  4. Mariag says

    Every time I read your blog I think of your sweet little Sammy. I pray that he will continue to have more good days than bad ones. Stay strong ! I know how much my sweet Ginger means to me so I pray your little guy will be total recovered soon.

  5. Beth Hoffman says

    I’ve been waiting to see Sammy for so long. Thank goodness he’s doing a bit better! And I hope your blood pressure comes down, too! Sending lots of love to you and Sammy. xo

  6. Carla says

    I have been thinking of you and Sammy so glad you posted today. (I am one of those not on facebook.)
    Hugs and prayers to both of you. And Darcy and Sophie send love and licks too.

  7. says

    Aww, what a sweetie! I hope Sammy is feeling better soon. I agree that audiobooks are great when you’re having trouble focusing. When I get stressed, I go straight for my audios! Have a great week.

  8. says

    Hi-ya. I’m a newcomer to the party. (Wandered over via your link from a site about book bloggers.) Nice to meetcha.

    Your dog is adorable. I hope he gets to feeling well real soon.

    Count me in as your newest groupie.

  9. Jessica M says

    Aww Sammie is sooo cute! I’m glad to hear that he’s had some good days! I hope he keeps having good days! I will keep him in my thoughts!

  10. says

    You both continue to be in my prayers, Darlene. I know it’s hard. My Parker had a check up yesterday to see how he’s doing on his medication. Fortunately, the news was good. I get so paranoid when he doesn’t come down for dinner in the evenings–I have to track him down and make sure he’s okay. I read into every little behavior or his. I feel sorry for him having me as his human mom. LOL We love them so though and we do worry.

    I love the photos of Sammy! He’s such a beautiful dog with a wonderful spirit.

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