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Breathe_Rev 3.inddBreathe is a moving and often heartbreaking memoir written by Kelly Kittel that tells of the struggles that she and her family went through as in an instant they went from the perfect family to one full of grief and sorrow. Yet it is also a story of inspiration and hope as it shows the power of family and love.

Kelly Kittel loves children and loves to have babies. With four children she is flying high and happy with her youngest Noah being the apple of everyone’s eye. Yet in an instant it all changes when her niece rolls over Noah killing him. The family struggles with their grief and not understanding how something like this can happen to such a sweet little one.

But then Kelly finds herself pregnant again and the family feels that this little one is being sent to them by Noah himself. It comes as no surprise that Kelly and the whole family are devastated when, because of medical malpractice, little Jonah is stillborn.

At first Kelly and her husband Andy don’t even think about the fact that their son shouldn’t have died. They are grief stricken and dealing with the deaths of two babies in so short a time is all consuming understandably. Once some time has passed though they realize that someone should be held responsible for their son’s death and they decide to press malpractice charges. Kelly and Andy have a different story though because not only are they battling the medical system but also Andy’s side of the family who testify against them.

As I read this memoir of Kelly’s I was so angry at the way they were treated by Andy’s family. There was one family member in particular who really made their lives a horror and she was just cruel at times. Many times it was insinuated that Kelly was a bad mother and not taking proper care of Noah which is why he was hit. Nobody should ever have to hear that especially if it isn’t true. The worst though was having this individual testify against them at the trial regarding Jonah. I still can’t understand the reasoning for this as Andy’s family seemed to love him so it’s a mystery to me.

Kelly’s family is doing well now as are their children. It took her seven years to write this book and it is my hope that it was a healing journey for her. It certainly is a moving memoir of grief and hope that touches your heart.


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Source:  Digital review copy provided by the publisher.  No compensation was received for this review and all opinions are my own.


    • admin says

      I know Kathy! I thought the same thing as I was reading it but you know it happens like that so often that once one thing goes wrong it just keeps going downhill. I’m happy the family is doing well now.

    • admin says

      Hi Toni! Thank you for stopping by. I miss you a whole big bunch my friend. The book was a tear jerker at times but you know me I like books like that.

  1. Kelly Kittel says

    Thanks for reading and reviewing Breathe, Gar, and thanks to all of you for your comments. Indeed, life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans. As Gar says, “[Breathe] is also a story of inspiration and hope as it shows the power of family and love.” I write in my prologue that one thing I learned in the journey that is Breathe is the circularity of what I used to consider opposites. Without sorrow, we can not truly know joy; without pain, pleasure; without death; life. I hope you will all consider opening your hearts and minds to experience my story and would love to hear from you if/when you do!


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