Bone Box by Jay Amberg – Book Spotlight & Giveaway (US only)

&Good day everyone!  Today’s book spotlight is on Bone Box by Jay Amberg as he tours with Book Junkie Promotions from July 13-24.  This book sounds good – read on to learn more about it…


Publication Date: March 14 2015
Amika Press
Formats: eBook, Paperback
256 Pages

Genre: Archeological Adventure/Thriller/Mystery

About Bone Box

On a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea in Turkey, an international team of archeologists discovers a stone box that first-century Jews used to rebury their dead. The box’s Aramaic inscription: Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. Sophia Altay, the beautiful French-Turkish archeologist who heads the team, tries to keep the discovery secret until she can authenticate the ossuary. She knows that people will kill to obtain the relics—and to suppress the box’s other contents, documents that could alter Western history.

Joseph Travers, an American sent to Turkey to evaluate the archeological dig, soon finds himself pulled into the web of betrayal, reprisal, and violence. In his journey through Istanbul’s mosques and palaces, the archeological sites around ancient Ephesus, and, ultimately, the strange and mystical terrain of Cappadocia, he comes to understand the epochal meaning of the bone box.

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Praise for Bone Box

“A…well-written, fast-paced thriller that follows in the footsteps of The Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Will mystify, entrance, enthrall and captivate readers.” —Fran Lewis, Just Reviews

“Politics, religion, sexuality, culture, deceit, greed, and prejudices turn this thriller into a page-turner.…The stories within the story demand attention and remind us that one event can be perceived rightly or wrongly from several perspectives.” —T.B. Markinson, Self-Publishing Review

“A reflective thriller that will leave you catching your breath while illuminating your own sense of connection with our shared past.” —Michele Fitzpatrick, Author, The Women’s Center

Praise for Jay Amberg’s Novels

“Jay Amberg takes his place among the elite of this country’s suspense-adventure authors.” —Clive Cussler, for Deep Gold

“A taut thriller that will…elate readers. Brilliant.” —Midwest Book Review, for Blackbird Singing

“The final recovery scenes in the face of a raging hurricane deliver true high seas drama.” —Publishers Weekly, for Doubloon

“An inspiring call to action…” —Kirkus Reviews, for Cycle

About the Author

Bone 2Jay Amberg is the author of eleven books. He received a BA from Georgetown University and a PhD from Northwestern University. He has taught high school and college students since 1972.

His latest book, Bone Box, is now available from Amika Press. Amberg has also published Cycle, America’s Fool, Whale Song, and compiled 52 Poems for Men. Cycle, a novel giving unique voice to the world’s environmental crisis, is the winner of a 2013 Independent Publisher Living Now Book Award.

Prior to Amika Press, Amberg published thriller novels Doubloon (Forge), Blackbird Singing (Forge) and Deep Gold (Warner Books).

Among his books on teaching are School Smarts and The Study Skills Handbook, published by Good Year. Amberg wrote The Creative Writing Handbook (Good Year) with Mark Henry Larson and Verbal Review and Workbook for the SAT (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich) with Robert S Boone.

For more information and to contact Jay Amberg, please visit his website.

You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Goodreads.


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The Lover’s Path: An Illustrated Novella of Venice by Kris Waldherr & Giveaway (eBook-open Int’l)


The Lover’s Path: An Illustrated Novella of Venice by Kris Waldherr is an absolutely gorgeous book both in story and in the  stunning art work depicted throughout its pages.  It is a beautifully written tale of forbidden love that is accompanied by amazing illustrations that are a treat for a reader’s eyse.  When I opened this book I fell into it and couldn’t put it down until I turned the last page and quite often found myself going back to look at the illustrations again or to read a particular passage that really struck a chord with me.

lovers 1

The Lover’s Path takes us to 16th century Venice where we meet Filamena Ziani.  She lives with her older sister Tullia Ziani who is a very well known courtesan in Venice.  Filamena longs for a life where she has the freedom to do what she wants but after the death of their mother her sister has virtually kept her a prisoner in their palazzo.  Tullia believes that she is saving her sister from all the dangers of the real world.  Instead she has taught her to read, to compose music, and to sing exquisitely.  Yet Filamena longs for all of the things her sister wishes to shelter her from.

Then Filamena and Angelo happen to see each other and a love is born.  A forbidden love because not only does Filamena’s sister oppose this love, so does Angelo’s father.  Angelo offers Filamena all she desires especially the chance to live her own life.  Will she take the risk?  Will she walk the lover’s path with this man she so loves?

I loved this book and can see myself delving into it again in the future.  The illustrations are beautiful and the author perfectly weaves fact with fiction in a story sure to capture your heart as it did mine.  Highly recommended!

lovers 2

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HFVBT Presents Sophie Perinot’s Médicis Daughter: A Novel of Marguerite de Valois Pre-Order Blitz


Publication Date: December 1, 2015
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Formats: eBook, Hardcover
Genre: Historical Fiction

The wait is over. Sophie Perinot, author of The Sister Queens, has a new book available for pre-order! Medicis Daughter travels forward three-hundred years from Perinot’s last novel to the intrigue-riven French court of Charles IX, spinning the tale of beautiful princess Marguerite who walks the knife’s edge between the demands of her serpentine mother, Catherine de Medicis, and those of her own conscience. This is a coming-of-age story that will remind audiences that, when it comes to the 16th century, the Valois are even sexier than the Tudors—and just as treacherous.

My thoughts…

I am beyond excited to get my hands on Sophie Perinot’s newest novel Médicis Daughter: A Novel of Marguerite de Valois which releases on December 1, 2015 and just look at the beautiful cover! Sophie’s first novel The Sister Queens (my review) was a favorite for me as well as her contribution to Day of Fire (my review) which was an amazing novel by several very talented authors including Sophie.  She is one of my favorite historical fiction writers so of course it should come as no great surprise that I’d love to spread the word that her newest novel  Médicis Daughter: A Novel of Marguerite de Valoisin  is now available for pre-order!  Read on…

 About Médicis Daughter: A Novel of Marguerite de Valois

Winter, 1564. Beautiful young Princess Margot is summoned to the court of France, where nothing is what it seems and a wrong word can lead to ruin. Known across Europe as Madame la Serpente, Margot’s intimidating mother, Queen Catherine de Médicis, is a powerful force in a country devastated by religious war. Among the crafty nobility of the royal court, Margot learns the intriguing and unspoken rules she must live by to please her poisonous family.

Eager to be an obedient daughter, Margot accepts her role as a marriage pawn, even as she is charmed by the powerful, charismatic Duc de Guise. Though Margot’s heart belongs to Guise, her hand will be offered to Henri of Navarre, a Huguenot leader and a notorious heretic looking to seal a tenuous truce. But the promised peace is a mirage: her mother’s schemes are endless, and her brothers plot vengeance in the streets of Paris. When Margot’s wedding devolves into the bloodshed of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, she will be forced to choose between her family and her soul.

Médicis Daughter is historical fiction at its finest, weaving a unique coming-of-age story and a forbidden love with one of the most dramatic and violent events in French history.

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 Praise for Médicis Daughter: A Novel of Marguerite de Valois

“This is Renaissance France meets Game of Thrones: dark, sumptuous historical fiction that coils religious strife, court intrigue, passionate love, family hatred, and betrayed innocence like a nest of poisonous snakes. Beautiful Princess Margot acts as our guide to the heart of her violent family, as she blossoms from naive court pawn to woman of conscience and renown. A highly recommended coming-of-age tale where the princess learns to slay her own dragons!” –Kate Quinn, Bestselling author of LADY OF THE ETERNAL CITY

“The riveting story of a 16th century French princess caught in the throes of royal intrigue and religious war. From the arms of the charismatic Duke of Guise to the blood-soaked streets of Paris, Princess Marguerite runs a dangerous gauntlet, taking the reader with her. An absolutely gripping read!” –Michelle Moran, bestselling author of THE REBEL QUEEN

“Rising above the chorus of historical drama is Perinot’s epic tale of the fascinating, lascivious, ruthless House of Valois, as told through the eyes of the complicated and intelligent Princess Marguerite. Burdened by her unscrupulous family and desperate for meaningful relationships, Margot is forced to navigate her own path in sixteenth century France. Amid wars of nation and heart, Médicis Daughter brilliantly demonstrates how one unique woman beats staggering odds to find the strength and power that is her birthright.” –Erika Robuck, bestselling author of HEMINGWAY’S GIRL

 Médicis Daughter: A Novel of Marguerite de Valois Available for Pre-Order:

Barnes & Noble

 About the Author

SophieSOPHIE PERINOT is the author of The Sister Queens and one of six contributing authors of A Day of Fire: A Novel of Pompeii. A former attorney, Perinot is now a full-time writer. She lives in Great Falls, Virginia with her three children, three cats, one dog and one husband.

An active member of the Historical Novel Society, Sophie has attended all of the group’s North American Conferences and served as a panelist multiple times. Find her among the literary twitterati as @Lit_gal or on facebook at


medici 2

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The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley (Audiobook) & Giveaway (Paper Copy – US only)

seven sisters

The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley is the first novel in what is going to be a series of seven books all inspired by the ancient myth of the Seven Sisters of Pleiades and it is awesome! Today is the kickoff for The Seven Sisters book tour with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours and I’m so excited to kick it off with a five star review! This novel is full of all the things I like in a book like great characters, beautiful settings, and a storyline that grabs my interest from the beginning and never lets go even for a minute. The Seven Sisters is sure to please her loyal fans along with new ones like me!

This is a story that weaves from past to present and does so seamlessly. Quite often I find one side of the story so much more interesting but not this time. I was equally anxious to read both and loved traveling back and forth from the beautiful Brazil to the romance of Paris.

In present we have Maia who is the eldest of the sisters. Their father had adopted all six girls from different parts of the world as babies. Upon learning of their father’s death the sisters all come home to gather support from each other while they grieve their beloved Pa Salt as they called him. When the will is read the girls each receive a letter from their father which leaves them an idea of where they had been born. While some of the other sisters have been curious over the years to learn of their birthplace Maia was always happy to let things alone but after reading her father’s letter to her she becomes curious enough to want to delve further into her heritage. Maia travels to Rio de Janeiro and with the help of a novelist she has worked with she finds that she descends from one of the more prominent families there. However she isn’t greeted very warmly and thinking all is lost she goes to leave but is approached by a maid who gives Maia a stack of old letters – old letters that lead her into a past she never could have imagined.

There is so much more that I haven’t even touched on. The book is quite long at almost 500 pages but you’d never know it. Once you start reading it is impossible to put it down. I listened to the audiobook which I have to say is simply incredible. It is narrated by Emily Lucienne and she does such a fantastic job. The audio comes in at eighteen and a half hours and it just flew by.

The Seven Sisters is a must for your summer reading! It’s a favorite of mine so far this year for both the amazing story and the great audio production. Highly recommended!


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