A Tangled Web by Sandra Schwab – Spotlight & Giveaway (eBook-International)

October 1st, 2014

Please join author Sandra Schwab as she tours with HF Virtual Book Tours for A Tangled Web: Allan’s Miscellany 1846, from September 29-October 10.



Publication Date: July 14, 2014
eBook; 104p

Series: Allan’s Miscellany
Genre: Historical Romance


Lawrence Pelham works as a comic artist for Allan’s Miscellany. A chance meeting with a young woman dressed in mourning changes Pel’s whole life, and without his even knowing, he is thrown into a world of mystery and intrigue, where nothing is as it seems to be—especially not the woman he has given his heart to.

Her whole life Sarah Browne has been told how plain she is, how nondescript, destined to become an old maid. For years she has been her family’s dutiful nursing maid and caretaker, but now a secret inheritance and an encounter with the charming Mr. Pelham seem to offer her a chance to break out of her life of duty and drudgery—if she dares to take it. Yet how could such an interesting, witty man like Mr. Pelham be possibly interested in her boring self?

And so, Sarah soon finds herself entangled in a web of lies and deceit, which might even cost her the love of her life.


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Praise for A Tangled Web

“Once again [Schwab] weaves brilliantly researched historical details into a story that not only is irresistibly romantic, but also sparkles with wit. To top it off, she has come up with an enchanting couple that truly earns their happy ending.” ~ Tina Dick, LoveLetter


Praise for The Bride Prize

“The Bride Prize is, in a word, delightful. [...] I smiled for a long time when it was over. I cannot wait until the next installment in this series.” ~ Michelle Boule, www.wanderingeye.com


Allan’s Miscellany Series Titles

Book One: The Bride Prize
Book Two: Falling For a Scoundrel
Book Three: A Tangled Web
Book Four: Devil’s Return


About the Author

04_Sandra-Schwab2Award-winning author Sandra Schwab started writing her first novel when she was seven years old. Thirty-odd years later, telling stories is still her greatest passion, even though by now she has exchanged her pink fountain pen of old for a black computer keyboard. Since the release of her debut novel in 2005, she has enchanted readers worldwide with her unusual historical romances.

She holds a PhD in English literature and lives in Frankfurt am Main / Germany with a sketchbook, a sewing machine, and an ever-expanding library. Her new series about the fictional magazine Allan’s Miscellany combines her academic research on Victorian periodicals with her love for story-telling.

For more information please visit Sandra Schwab’s website. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads.



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The Novice by Mirella Sichirollo Patzer & Giveaway (eBook-open Internationally)

September 30th, 2014

NoviceThe Novice by Mirella Sichirollo Patzer is a wonderful and beautifully written novel with a story to capture a reader’s heart. It certainly captured mine and even more surprising to me is that I’ve never read anything by this fellow Canadian of mine but that will be remedied. The Novice highlights the strength and determination of one woman to find her true love – that of the man who completes her.

In 10th century Naples novice Sara is struggling with whether or not she really wants to become a nun. In her heart she knows there is so much more out there in the world for her to discover. Her decision is made for her when the Saracens, who are destroying villages and killing many, attack her convent. Sara and the nuns are forced to flee and Sara to protect the nuns puts herself directly in the path of the Saracens. Sara is left to die out in the woods but is thankfully rescued by the intriguing Nicolo. The two have an instant connection but Nicolo respects Sara’s vows as a nun and despite being heartbroken he steals away in the night.

Sara is devastated and angry with herself that she wasn’t truthful with Nicolo. Luckily her uncle takes her in and she is happy with him until the dark and brooding Umberto takes a shine to her. Despite being brutally honest and telling Umberto that she will never be with him he refuses to give up and soon enough his desire to have her turns into a dangerous obsession. Sara is trapped with a man whose cruelty knows no bounds but Sara is smart and able and she will find some way to escape. To escape and find Nicolo; the only man who has ever or will ever have her heart.

Four hundred pages has never flown by so quickly as it did with this novel. I was completely drawn into this story and into Sara’s life. I felt as though I was living within the pages of this book with how vividly it was told. Then there is Sara who is such a great character. She is strong, brave, and independent and possesses a passionate fire that burns strongly within her for love and life.

For fans of historical fiction The Novice is a great pick! Highly recommended!

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Kindle-Book Launch Price of $2.99 until October 31/14!



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Prisoner of the Queen by E. Knight & Giveaway (Open Internationally)

September 26th, 2014

prisonerTudor history is by far my favorite era to indulge in and while there usually isn’t anything new to learn what I enjoy most is seeing the unique spin that an author will give to their story. Eliza Knight has become one of my favorite authors because she so vividly brings to life the Tudor era and I know I’m in for a great treat when I read one of her novels. Her newest in the Tales from the Tudor Court Series Prisoner of the Queen is both a beautiful love story and a great tragedy.

Lady Katherine Grey’s only wish is to have a peaceful life. Meet a man she loves and bring up a family. It is not to be though as she is a princess of the blood and legitimate heir to the throne being the cousin of Mary and Elizabeth. Her sister, Jane Grey dubbed the Nine Days Queen, fallen from court and beheaded only solidifies her desire to get away from court. She’s left with no one to protect her and she has no idea who to trust anymore as everyone is now suspicious of her as well – will she be next to seize the crown they wonder?

When Katherine and Ned Seymour meet they are instantly attracted to one another. They fall in love and of course want to marry and have a family. This has to be approved by Queen Elizabeth and the odds of that ever happening are pretty small. Eventually they wed in secret and when found out thrown in the tower. Katherine births two boys but sees neither grow up. Queen Elizabeth both envious and angry at Katherine vows to never allow her to be with Ned again and while the two keep up correspondence it is not the same. Sadly they must love from afar as both are kept prisoner by Queen Elizabeth.

This was such a good book. Katherine captured my heart. She had such a pure spirit and all she wanted from life was love and it’s so sad that it wasn’t to be for her. In a time when it seemed everyone visited everyone’s bed Katherine and Ned wanted only each other. I often wonder how kings and queens were able to be so cruel to others especially family all in the name of being loyal to their throne. I wonder how they truly felt in their soul from causing so much grief while putting people to death, keeping them prisoners, or keeping them apart from those they love.

I loved Prisoner of the Queen just as I did the first in the series My Lady Viper (these are stand alone books).  Highly recommended for lovers of the Tudors and historical fiction!


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Dark Aemilia by Sally O’Reilly & Giveaway (5 copies US & Canada)

September 24th, 2014

aemiliaDark Aemilia: A Novel of Shakespeare’s Dark Lady by Sally O’Reilly not only has a gorgeous cover but it is also a beautifully written novel that vividly transports you back in time to 16th century England.   The novel brings to life the story of England’s first female poet Aemilia Lanyer who may also have been muse and lover of William Shakespeare and that thread is woven throughout the novel.  This tale is rich in historical detail with the added elements of sorcery making it ever the more intriguing.

Aemilia starts out as Aemilia Bassano and was the daughter of a musician.  Growing up in the time of Queen Elizabeth’s court Aemilia has a yearning to learn and develops a love for poetry and in fact wants to write poetry in a time when it was unheard of for women to do any such thing.  After losing her family Aemilia is taken in by Lord Hundson and later becomes his mistress.  For years her life revolves around Lord Hundson but she wants so much more for herself and then comes the day that William Shakespeare walks into her life and she thinks that she’s finally found what shes looking for.  They embark on a passionate love affair but when it becomes apparent to Lord Hundson that something has been going on behind his back he sends Aemilia off to be married to another man thus ending all the hopes and dreams that she’s built around Shakespeare and her poetry.  Aemilia finds herself married to a man she doesn’t love and this leaves her unhappy and unsatisfied.  Nobody wants to publish the poetry she works so hard on and her only joy in life is her son.  Into the turmoil of the plague and sickness of loved ones Aemilia turns to sorcery and the witches and encounters a darkness that she should never have fooled with.

I really enjoyed this novel and while I’ve read mixed reviews on Aemilia and her outspoken, often crass manner of speaking I liked her.  Aemilia lived in a time when women had no rights and certainly no hopes of becoming more than a wife, mother, or mistress.  Yet Aemilia strived for more and with her intelligence and feisty nature got it.  There is a bluntness in language and sexual content that many readers may find too much and while at times I did too I still appreciated its place in the novel.  To fully enjoy and experience this book the reader needs to open their mind to all aspects of it and in doing that I truly enjoyed it.

Recommended for readers of historical fiction who enjoy added elements of a more explicit nature and the paranormal.

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Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.  No compensation was received and all opinions are that of the blog owner.

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