The 3-Day Reset by Pooja Mottl

July 28th, 2014

ResetWe live in a generation where we’re always looking for the next great diet trick that will help us shed those last few pounds but do you ever think that losing weight and feeling good may be as easy as just eating right. The 3-Day Reset by Pooja Mottl takes us through a sensible and fairly easy way to change our bad cravings and instead begin to crave eating healthy foods that are delicious and actually good for us too.

There are ten resets that include: sugar, wheat, salt, chocolate, yogurt, chicken, beverages, breakfast, salad, and takeout and each reset takes 3 days. Now I had every intention of trying one of these out – I already don’t eat salt, sugar, takeout, or chocolate (migraines) and I never touch beverages like sodas or specialty drinks. However I could do with changing my breakfast eating as well as wheat and yogurt. I’ve had a sick pup for the last few weeks so I didn’t get a chance to tackle breakfast but I plan to and I’ll make sure to post my results for everyone. In the meantime I want to give a brief overview of each reset and what I found interesting about it:

Sugar – an average person eats about 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. This works out to about 13% of our daily calories. It’s no wonder we feel tired and sluggish. Sugar is only a pick me up for a very brief time before you tumble from that high. Even scarier is that sugar is in so many things we casually eat without even thinking like ketchup, waffles, and bread.

Wheat – this is a tough one for me because I truly love my white bread and pasta but I fully intend to see if I can change that in the future. What amazes me about wheat is the processes and additives that go into taking the wheat and making it into our breads and pastas, etc. That alone had the ability to make me anxious about putting all those additives in my body. Not to mention that eating whole grain wheat flour instead of refined can lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Salt – this is one that I have done after finding out I had high blood pressure. I went cold turkey but what’s astonishing is just what foods you can find salt in and one that I found most surprising was eggs. This is a difficult reset to tackle because as Pooja says our tastebuds have become so accustomed to salt but you know after you do it for a while and become used to not using salt it’s next to impossible to eat something salty again.

Chocolate – Not an issue for me as I haven’t eaten chocolate in years but I found it interesting to read about the history of chocolate that Pooja writes of. Chocolate is yet another thing that our modern world has over processed.

Yogurt – I had read about my yogurt being fake long before Pooja related the same thing in her book. Once again it was interesting to read the history of yogurt and how different it is from the over processed stuff we eat today. I don’t eat any of the fancy yogurts they make today with all kinds of things added in – I eat boring old vanilla but I do want to try this reset and some of the recipes that Pooja has included just to see what I think. Just maybe I can leave my fake yogurt behind.

Chicken – once again it’s a matter of how different we do things now from back in the past. It used to be that people prepared whole chickens yet now it’s chicken pieces or breasts. Even more disturbing is the chicken lunchmeat or nuggets that may come across as being healthy but really aren’t. In our house we still use whole chickens although not all the time but we do make stock and soups and I still say there’s nothing better than a homemade chicken soup.

Beverages – this one speaks for itself. We are a nation that drinks a lot of soda pop and those fancy drinks. I’m not one of them but I do drink way more coffee than is healthy. I’m not sure people always stop to think of how much sugar and calories is in a can of pop or an iced coffee for example. It’s a little scary when you find that you could have had a meal for that iced coffee.

Breakfast – I am a bad breakfast eater so this reset is on my radar. So many breakfast foods are so full of sugar and if you’re eating a take out breakfast that’s even worse. If you start your day that way how can you expect to feel good throughout the rest of it.

Salad – normally we think a salad is good for us but stop – did you put salad dressing on it? That just made it unhealthy unless you’re using a homemade salad dressing. Pooja makes salad making something to take pleasure in. I used to make wonderful salads and dressing but somehow strayed away from that and I’d like to get back to eating simple but delicious salads so I’ll be revisiting this reset.

Takeout – the last reset and maybe one of the most difficult for some. I haven’t eaten takeout in years because I have this thing about knowing what’s gone into my food and I know that takeout has a ton of salt which I won’t eat. Pooja also mentions these things as well as saying that you can usually take your favorite take out meal and make a much healthier version of it at home.

I found the 3-Day Reset a very interesting book to go through. What I enjoyed most was the conversational tone to it and all the extra information like the history of these resets. I liked the tips & tools that are great to helping you succeed on your 3-day reset and the grocery lists, pantry swaps, and especially the recipes included at the end of each chapter are awesome.

Recommended for those who are really interested in making a commitment to follow a better lifestyle where their eating is concerned. I do believe that when you try these resets you will notice a change in the way you taste food and the way you feel as I did with the few of the resets I’ve already done. If you want to get healthy and feel good The 3-Day Reset may be a great first step for you!


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Source: Review copy provided by the author. No compensation was received for this review and all thoughts and opinions are that of the blog owner.

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Sanctuary by G. Michael Hopf & Giveaway (US/Canada)

July 23rd, 2014

SanctuarySanctuary: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel by G. Michael Hopf is the third book in The New World Series and in my opinion the best yet. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the first two books – The End and The Long Road, because I sure did but I just seemed to connect more with the people in this one making it so much better for me. Sanctuary is an intense and action packed read with wars being raged and people struggling to make it in this new world they’ve been thrown into after the world as they knew it suffered a super-EMP attack.

As this is the third book in the series I don’t want to give anything away so my thoughts may be a bit vague. Sanctuary finds Gordon on a mission of revenge for the loss he’s suffered but in doing so he’s had to leave his family behind. He’s the same Gordon who usually takes action before asking questions but he’s usually right in doing so. However in this novel we see a more personal side to him and I liked that. As for the rest of the crew – Sebastian, Samantha, Nelson, Connor, Pablo, Barone … all have taken different directions to do what they feel is right in order to survive in this new world.

This series isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a brutal story with a lot of violence and language but it fits. To me this is likely what would happen if one day we end up in a post-apocalyptic world. People have no choice but to fight just to survive and protect themselves and their families. There are shortages of food and all the necessary things we take for granted. People become very different in those circumstances.

I listened to the audiobook of Sanctuary which is narrated by Keith Szarabjka and I thought he did a great job. I didn’t enjoy the narrator much in the last two books so this move to a new narrator is a good one. Keith really brought this story alive – all of the anxiety fear, tension, and violence – he made it seem like a movie in my head.

For those who enjoy post-apocalyptic novels I recommend this whole series. While you could read Sanctuary on its own I think it’s a much better idea to start at the beginning and get the back story. This is definitely a series that is fast becoming addicting for me and once again it ended on a part that has me already anxiously awaiting the next one!


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Source:  Review copy of audiobook was received from the publisher.  No compensation was received for this review and all thoughts and opinions are of the blog owner.

Don’t Try to Find Me by Holly Brown (Audiobook)

July 21st, 2014

Don't Try to Find MeDon’t Try to Find Me by Holly Brown highlights a parents worst nightmare; that of a missing child.  When Rachel drops her fourteen-year-old daughter Marley off at school one morning she certainly doesn’t expect to come home to find Marley gone and a note from her saying don’t try to find me.  Yet Marley is indeed gone and it is quickly determined that she got on a bus and left … but to where?  Rachel can’t believe that Marley would run away.  She’s just not that kind of girl but as Rachel starts digging into Marley’s life a little more she soon realizes her daughter may have been having a lot of things going on that may have made her unhappy enough to leave.  It also becomes apparent that the police aren’t going to be a lot of help so instead Rachel and her husband launch a media campaign in an effort to find her.  Unfortunately this goes awry and suspicion soon falls on Rachel.

As for Marley her story is only too real.  She meets a guy online on Facebook.  He says he’s friends with one of her friends and they start talking.  Soon enough Marley is sharing everything with him and they begin plotting her escape from her parents and her life.  When this guy picks her up though she begins to notice a few things about him that aren’t as he had portrayed and she starts getting more and more suspicious of him.  When things begin to get even crazier Marley realizes that she may have made one of the biggest mistakes of her life… but is it too late?  This story is one we hear of a lot nowadays.  So many kids are lured away on the internet and it’s downright scary.  Add to that a family life that isn’t as it should be and you have a recipe for disaster.  Marley’s parents were so involved in themselves that they weren’t taking the time to notice what may have been going on in their daughter’s life.  Take one insecure girl and a creep and that’s another recipe for disaster.

I enjoyed this book.  I listened to the audiobook which is narrated by Hillary Huber, Angela Goethals, and James Fouhey and I really think they added to my enjoyment of the book in bringing fear, defeat, anxiety, tension – so many emotions to each and every scene in the book.  My only complaint of the story is that, to me, Marley did not seem to act as I think a fourteen-year-old would.  She seemed much too mature for her age and that at times had me disbelieving some parts of the story.  Overall though I really liked it and I was hooked on the audiobook for sure.

Recommended for those who enjoy stories of family and marital dysfunction as well as books that deal with the dangers of the internet and teens.


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Source: Digital review copy provided by the publisher. Audiobook from my personal library. No compensation was received for this review and all opinions are my own.

A Triple Knot by Emma Campion & Giveaway (US/Canada)

July 9th, 2014

A-Triple-KnotA Triple Knot by Emma Campion is a novel that brings Joan of Kent alive. This novel is rich in historical detail while at the same time weaving a fictional tale that takes us back in time to relive Joan of Kent’s days as they might have been.

Joan of Kent by all accounts was a beautiful woman who turned heads anytime she entered a room. She is of royal blood being cousin to King Edward III and as such is in line to be used as a political pawn in a marriage to benefit the kingdom. Ultimately though the man that the king chooses for Joan is not a man she can bring herself to marry and not only because the man makes her terribly uncomfortable. Joan’s heart belongs to someone else – one of the king’s knights and this is one union that must be kept secret as Thomas is not the kind of man a woman of royal blood should marry. However when she is forced to marry another man she realizes quickly that no one has any intention of acknowledging her betrothal to Thomas. It is just the beginning of Joan’s struggle to return to her one true love – Thomas.

As the story evolves we follow Joan’s journey through her loveless marriage to Will who she was forced into marrying. We also witness her struggles with her cousin The Black Prince who has been set on having Joan as his queen from the time they were children. We experience the travails of war, the sea voyages that Joan dreads, and everything else that encompasses this historical period in time. Ultimately though will Joan be with Thomas, the love of her life?

I had heard of Joan of Kent before reading this book as well as many of the other characters but I didn’t know a lot of her. I feel that the author really brought her alive in this book and I felt as though I was there seeing it all as it happened. I thought Joan to be a strong woman who was also intelligent. It’s sad that women were forced into marriages as political pawns and so many never had the chance to know true love.

I really enjoyed A Triple Knot just as I did Emma Campion’s A King’s Mistress which I read a few years back. If I had one complaint about the book it would be that at times I thought it a bit drawn out but for the most part I was completely engrossed in the story. Recommended for historical fiction lovers!


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Source:  Digital review copy was provided by the publisher.  No compensation was received for this review and all opinions are my own. 

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