Bitter Chocolate by Dawn Greenfield Ireland & Giveaway (eBook – open Int’l)

July 18th, 2014

Happy Friday everyone!  Today’s spotlight is on Bitter Chocolate by Dawn Greenfield Ireland and I must apologize once again  to the author for not having a review ready for today.  We are getting smoke in our city from the forest fires and our air quality is really bad which is making me really sick and being that I’m having a hard time breathing I’m also having a hard time concentrating.  I have however read the first book in the Alcott Family Adventures and enjoyed it a great deal.  I’m looking forward to getting back to Bitter Chocolate and reviewing both for you all!  In the meantime I want to let you all know about the book and the author and be sure to enter for a chance to win a copy of both of  the eBooks at the end of the post.



Publisher: Artistic Origins Inc (June, 2014)
Category: Cozy Mystery
Series: Hot Chocolate Series- Book 2
Tour Date: June 30-July 30, 2014
Available in: ebook, 400 Pages, With Recipes


About the Book

The characters you loved in Hot Chocolate are back with more escapades of life in Houston’s wealthy River Oaks.

Lila Mae is in a tizzy over the Chocolate Ball – a huge event that she and her sisters, Dorothea and Madge, host every year. But due to unusual circumstances, Dorothea and Madge dump everything in Lila Mae’s lap. If it weren’t for Julian Gillespie of Event Is King, the Chocolate Ball would have melted.

Bernie, the Alcott sisters’ 92-year-old father, decides he wants his Bentley back. The sisters and Bambi are horrified. They hire Joseph’s cousin Chewie as Bernie’s new chauffeur.

Wolfram, Lila Mae’s new astrologer, gives clues of things to come. This leaves Lila Mae and her sidekick Amelia with brows furrowed.

On her day off, Amelia decides to bake a chocolate blueberry pie. She discovers she needs to make a grocery run. When she returns home, she discovers her kitchen door is slightly ajar. Arms loaded with groceries, she toes the door open.

Three things catch her attention: a vase of flowers on the kitchen island that was not there when she left the house, her marble rolling pin covered with blood… and a dead body on her kitchen floor.

Amelia’s eyes drift toward the dining room and beyond – is the house empty, or is there a murderer inside? She backs up, turns and hurries outside. After setting the bags on the ground, she slips back into the kitchen and snaps a picture of the dead guy. Then she calls Detective Chance Walker, Lila Mae and finally… 9-1-1.


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About the Author

Dawn-Full-sizeDawn Ireland is the CEO of Artistic Origins Inc, a 100% woman-owned publishing and technical writing service company that has been doing business since 1995. She’s an award winning independent publisher and author of The Puppy Baby Book , Mastering Your Money, and Amazon Best Seller Hot Chocolate (the first in the series, and her fifth novel). The Hot Chocolate audio book was awarded the AudioFile Earphones Award on Valentine’s Day 2014.

Her family feature film screenplay A Girl and Her Dog was awarded a Kids First! Endorsement by the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media in October 2012 and optioned by Shadow Cave Productions in February 2013.

Originally from Feeding Hills, MA, Dawn migrated to San Antonio in 1968, then when her first son was one years old, her family moved to Houston where work was more plentiful. After 40+ years of heat and humidity, she has her sights on the Pacific NW.

Dawn is the co-author of the animated screenplay Memoirs of a Dog which won the Spirit Award of the Moondance Film Festival (children’s category) September 2011. Her dark comedy Plan B was a finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay script competition in 2010 and years before that, Standing Dead won the Women in Film and Television (Houston Chapter) screenplay award.

Stay tuned for The Last Dog (futuristic/sci-fi 2015), and Spicy Chocolate (2016).

Author Links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+



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Go Away Home by Carol Bodensteiner & Giveaway (US/Canada)

July 14th, 2014

02_Go-Away-HomeGo Away Home by Carol Bodensteiner takes us back to the early 1900′s and into the life of Liddie Treadwell, an Iowan farm girl. Liddie wants more from life than the same old hum drum happenings of farm life, teaching, or marriage. She dreams of a career doing what she loves – sewing, and her dreams are almost within her grasp when her older sister suddenly has to leave the farm which means Liddie must stay and help instead.

Luckily Liddie’s family knows how important it is for Liddie to realize her dream and she leaves the farm and secures a job as a seamstress. Liddie revels in her freedom and is amazed that she is getting paid money to do what she loves. She later meets Thomas who awakens in her a love of photography and she considers making a life with him despite not loving him in order to realize even more of dreams. Taking a trip home though takes her back in time and has her longing for the simple life of the farm and a man named Joe. Liddie has a decision – go with Thomas and live the life of adventure she craves or stay with Joe, the man who makes her heart pound.

Go Away Home is an excellent portrayal of life back in the early 1900′s. It made me think of my grandmother as she was just beginning a marriage and life on the farm at the same time as Liddie. Liddie was a wonderful character. At a time in history when women were made to accept being only housewives or teachers she dared to be different and want more for herself. She realized the high level of inequality between men and women and wanted that to change. At the same time she had a deep love for family, friendship, and the farm that she grew up on.

Go Away Home will tug at your heart and leave you feeling enriched for having read it. For fans of historical fiction who enjoy stories of early farm life and the love of family Go Away Home is a beautiful story that definitely fits the bill! Recommended!


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Source: Digital review copy provided by the publisher.  No compensation was received for this review and all opinions are my own. 

Lemongrass Hope by Amy Impellizzeri & Giveaway (US/Canada)

July 11th, 2014


Lemongrass Hope is the debut novel of Amy Impellizzeri and it is one of those novels that captures you in its pages from the very first word that you read to the very last. I adored this book that tells of a love story with elements of time travel and a little mysticism, of connecting with a love, losing a love, and being destined to love. Lemongrass Hope is about shaping your destiny, hope, love, and second chances although not in the way a reader will expect (and on this I will not give away a single hint!).

When Kate accepts a invite to go to her friend Benton’s party and be set up with a man, Rob, from her office she has no idea how much her life will change. While waiting for them she meets another of Benton’s friends; a man named Ian who she feels a powerful pull towards. While Rob doesn’t call right away Ian does. They begin a intense romance fueled even more by the imminent departure of Ian for Africa. Ian would like Kate to come with him and Kate would like Ian to stay … yet neither happens. Ian leaves and eventually Kate marries Rob but she never forgets her connection to Ian, the man who owns her heart.

Years later Kate and Rob have two young boys and a marriage that is on the fast track to nowhere. What Kate needs is some time away so she takes a cruise with Benton and is more than surprised to find Ian there as well. This is the man who knows her more intimately than any other and she can feel them picking up right where they left off. What this trip gives her is the chance to change her destiny … with Ian. So what will she do? Live her dream life with Ian? Or go back to Rob and her beautiful boys?

I can’t say more without spoiling the book for future readers but I will say that the turn this book takes asks you to suspend belief which you are quite willing to do. It’s a unique story and I didn’t expect the turn that the book took but fully appreciated it. Amy has a beautiful and smoothly flowing writing style that leaves the reader feeling the emotions of her characters. The characters worked their way into my heart and the story itself did so as well.

Book clubs – Lemongrass Hope is going to be a book you want to put on your radar for October! It is chock full of discussion topics of which my favorite would be second chances. Don’t we all wish we could go back to one specific time in our lives and take a different turn than we did? How different would our lives be if we had taken that other fork in the road? Would it be better or worse? Add to that the topics of marriage, children, and motherhood and you have a book club pick your members are sure to love.

I loved Lemongrass Hope and it’ll be in my top ten of favorites this year. It’s unique and beautiful and a story that I won’t soon forget. Highly recommended!


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Source: Review copy provided by the author.  No compensation was received for this review and all opinions are my own. 

A Triple Knot by Emma Campion & Giveaway (US/Canada)

July 9th, 2014

A-Triple-KnotA Triple Knot by Emma Campion is a novel that brings Joan of Kent alive. This novel is rich in historical detail while at the same time weaving a fictional tale that takes us back in time to relive Joan of Kent’s days as they might have been.

Joan of Kent by all accounts was a beautiful woman who turned heads anytime she entered a room. She is of royal blood being cousin to King Edward III and as such is in line to be used as a political pawn in a marriage to benefit the kingdom. Ultimately though the man that the king chooses for Joan is not a man she can bring herself to marry and not only because the man makes her terribly uncomfortable. Joan’s heart belongs to someone else – one of the king’s knights and this is one union that must be kept secret as Thomas is not the kind of man a woman of royal blood should marry. However when she is forced to marry another man she realizes quickly that no one has any intention of acknowledging her betrothal to Thomas. It is just the beginning of Joan’s struggle to return to her one true love – Thomas.

As the story evolves we follow Joan’s journey through her loveless marriage to Will who she was forced into marrying. We also witness her struggles with her cousin The Black Prince who has been set on having Joan as his queen from the time they were children. We experience the travails of war, the sea voyages that Joan dreads, and everything else that encompasses this historical period in time. Ultimately though will Joan be with Thomas, the love of her life?

I had heard of Joan of Kent before reading this book as well as many of the other characters but I didn’t know a lot of her. I feel that the author really brought her alive in this book and I felt as though I was there seeing it all as it happened. I thought Joan to be a strong woman who was also intelligent. It’s sad that women were forced into marriages as political pawns and so many never had the chance to know true love.

I really enjoyed A Triple Knot just as I did Emma Campion’s A King’s Mistress which I read a few years back. If I had one complaint about the book it would be that at times I thought it a bit drawn out but for the most part I was completely engrossed in the story. Recommended for historical fiction lovers!


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Source:  Digital review copy was provided by the publisher.  No compensation was received for this review and all opinions are my own. 

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