Review Policy

Review Policy

As of  July 2015 (updated to include audiobooks, children’s books and poetry collections)

I love to read and I love hearing from authors, publishers and publicists. If you want to contact me you can click here. My blog is mainly devoted to books but occasionally you will see a personal post or pictures of my dog Buddy (passed away) so now we have pictures of Sammy, or other such things.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests I do get I am selective about what I pick to read and review. I will only choose to review those books which I feel I will have an interest in.  As a note, because of the amount of books I receive, reviews can be anywhere from 1-6 months; it depends on the book and whether I’ve pre-arranged anything with you in regards to a review like a guest post/giveaway, etc. All books I read will ultimately end up on my reviewed on m blog.

Please do not be offended if I don’t accept a book and if you’re a publisher please continue to email me requests. Just because one book may not be something I’d like, the next one might be. In addition, due to the amount of mail received I may not respond if the book isn’t one I’d like to review.

What I enjoy reviewing: Mainly contemporary fiction, literary fiction and historical fiction, women’s fiction, Christian fiction, general fiction, but I also enjoy young adult, chick-lit, mysteries, thrillers, horror and cookbooks, along with some paranormal, fantasy, memoirs, or romance-depends on if it appeals to me or not. I also accept review requests for children’s books and poetry collections.  I accept eBooks (mobi or epub) for review as well as books in pdf format and I will also consider self-published books for review.  I do review Audiobooks a great deal and hope to devote yet more of the blog to them in the coming years.

What I Won’t Review: I will not review self-help books, health related books, harlequin type books, science fiction (I may make an exception here), political type books, graphic novels and most short stories(although I have made exceptions), non-fiction or erotica, biographies.

If you click here you can see some of the books I’ve read in the past to get an idea of my preferences and also on how I review a book or just take a quick look through my blog.

What to Expect: I will write an honest review of your book. I reserve the right not to complete a book if I’m really not enjoying it. I will not be deliberately rude in regards to a book or an author-I will professionally state if a book wasn’t a favourite of mine or if I didn’t like something, although I normally look for what I did like in a book and focus on that. A book cover photo is always included with my reviews along with links to author sites or blogs and also links on where to buy the book. I do not sell ARC’s but I will use them as a giveaway on my blog to promote the book further or pass them along to another reader. Galleys go no further than my home.

I will post my reviews on,, Chapters, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Shelfari. My reviews are also posted on Before It’s News.

Miscellaneous…I love having author’s guest post or do interviews on my blog and/or hold giveaways of their novels. Many times I use my own copies for giveaways. I also love participating in blog tours.  Publishers – I will post book spotlights, pre-prepared interviews or guest posts/giveaways of novels you are trying to promote.

Blog Stats: I keep track of stats through sitemeter which you can find on the left side of my blog towards the bottom.  As a note unfortunately sitemeter has failed to work many times in the past years so stats may be more than currently showing.

Copyright: All content on my blog is my own. You’re welcome to post my reviews elsewhere providing you link it back to my blog and contact me as to where you’re publishing it.

Finally, thank you for stopping by. Take a look around my blog and see if it’s the place you’d like to see your novel reviewed. If so, feel free to contact me.